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Load Bearing Chassis Dyno Facility

Brian Schapiro - has been involved with EFI Ford boosted engine tuning for over 18 years and has done thousands of cars ranging from street driven cars, road race competition cars, and over 1000hp drag cars. His approach to tuning emphasizes reliability while extracting the most out of engine performance. His attention to detail allows him to tune cars for the best drivability, longevity and horsepower available.

"What many people don't realize is there is so much more to an engine tune than just WOT and peak horsepower. If the car is a dedicated drag car that might be ok, but for 99% of car owners it's not. Everything from driveability, cold start, fuel economy, and even idle quality make any car enjoyable and safe to drive. These areas of tuning are many times overlooked and are actually the most time consuming and difficult to perfect. WOT tuning can take a few hours, while driveability and running quality of the car can take a whole day sometimes. OEM engine calibrators literally have hundreds of hours in tuning the factory ECU so that it's as perfect as it can be, this can not be replicated in one hour of dyno tuning no matter what anyone tells you.

I do my best to make sure a car will drive, start, idle the same if not better than a stock ECU. The only limiting factors of driveability sometimes involve engine management systems with limited functions and extreme engine modifications. A piggy back ECU controller or radical camshaft selection can prevent 'OEM like' driveability.

Another tuning aspect I'd like to discuss is reliable horsepower. I'd rather enjoy 400 horsepower for the life of my car rather than 440 horsepower for 10 passes, wouldn't you? Since most of my customers run on pump gas, I carefully take into consideration the ability to make horsepower while minimizing detonation. Detonation will kill an engine, and the severity of it will determine when the fun will stop. It's a ticking time bomb and my goal is to diffuse it. My tuning process involves starting conservatively and then increasing power while carefully monitoring the A/F and Knock sensor output. I make sure that with my tune, the customer can throw almost any kind of abuse at the engine and it will survive."

Brian Schapiro

Testing and tuning all types of combinations for the 4.6, 5.0 Mustangs, Ford GT Supercar's, Lightning and Harley trucks.

There are so many cars being tuned at B&D Racing from our various race cars, employee cars and customer's cars the dyno is a very busy piece of equipment. Because of the wide range of systems and vehicles we are involved with, we get a chance to learn something new about forced inducted cars almost every day. Every car is a challenge in some way. Tuning is a process which involves complex problem solving. There is never a cookie cutter solution that can be adequately applied to each and every car that comes through the door. Even cars with ordinary or basic modifications get tweaked, poked and prodded until we are absolutely certain that it is running at its highest potential.

Tuning isn't a one man job either. Many times when there are problems with a vehicle on the dyno other BDR employees get involved to help solve the problem from our technicians to our engineers on staff. At BDR we will find any mechanical issues or drivability problems and fix them before the customer ever has a chance to notice them not just "tune around" the problem. The end result is a car that makes great power, has great drivability, runs the way it should and does so for a long time.

Because of the amount of knowledge we have between our staff, we believe we have a leg up on any other tuning shop. With our extensive research, development and testing occurring every day not to mention the countless builds over the past 20 years have given us an immense amount of data and information which we use to solve almost any problem quickly and efficiently. In short, we know what works, how it works, and how to use it to our advantage. Our attention to detail and our drive to succeed gives the customer the best final product possible.

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